Latest cool sms new 2016

  1. Messages Are Not For Time Pass.. 
  2. They Silently Say That I'm Thinking Of U Right Now.. 
  3. AND 
  4. Also Making you To Think Of Me.. 
  5. For A Moment.

  6. 5 wajah ho sakti hai mujhe SMS na karne ki : 
  7. 1=Time Nhi 
  8. 2=Free SMS Nhi 
  9. 3=Balance Nhi 
  10. 4=Network Nhi 
  11. Ya 
  12. 5= 'SHER' ko tang karne ki himmat nhi.

  13. Msg peh msg bhejte ho, 
  14. bhej bhej ke bheja karab karthe ho, 
  15. lekin bhejte ho to kya bhejte 
  16. khud ka bheja to chaltha hi nahi, 
  17. dusron ka bheja hua bhejte ho...

  18. GOLDEN RULE.... 
  19. I dont belive in taking right decision.. 
  20. But... 
  21. I take decisions & then make them right...

  22. There Is No Enemy Outside Your Soul.. 
  23. The Real Enemy Lives Inside You.. 
  24. They Are.. 
  25. Anger.. 
  26. Pride.. 
  27. Greed.. 
  28. Attachment.. 
  29. Hate.

  30. The most beautiful people 
  31. in the world are not those 
  32. with attractive faces or skinny body, 
  33. but those who know 
  34. how to respect the beauty of others.

  35. If everyone forgets you, 
  36. I am with you, 
  37. If everyone lets you down, 
  38. I am with you, 
  39. If everyone betrays you, 
  40. I am still with you, 
  41. But if everyone likes you, 
  42. ‘Sorry I am with them…

  43. Your Worst Behavior 
  44. Should Be Reserved For The Person 
  45. Who Loves You The Most 
  46. Because Somehow, 
  47. No Matter What You Do.. 
  48. That Person Will Still ‘ 
  49. And Always Accept You As You Are..

  50. Heartbeats are infinite 
  51. spirits are ageless, 
  52. dreams are limitless, 
  53. memories are timeless. 
  54. A friend like you shameless! 
  55. oops, sorry priceless!!

  56. It Is Very Usual to Ask 
  57. What’s up? How are you? 
  58. Had your Lunch? 
  59. How’s Life etc etc, 
  60. So Let Me Ask you Something Different 
  61. Did you Smile today? 
  62. If not Just do it now

  63. Forget Your Own Sadness By Creating 
  64. A Little Happiness For Others,, 
  65. Bcoz When You Are Good To Others 
  66. You Are Best To Yourself

  67. If An Egg Breaks Due to OUTSIDE Force! 
  68. "Inside Life ENDs!" 
  69. But... 
  70. If it Breaks from inside! "Life Begins!" 
  71. "GREAT Things Always Begin from Inside! 
  72. So try to make your inside GOOD

  73. I chose to love you in silence 
  74. For in silence i find no rejection. 
  75. I chose to love you in your loneliness, 
  76. For in your loneliness no one owns you, but me.

  77. Someone Said To God,"I Hate Life" 
  78. God Said,who Told you To Love The Life? 
  79. Just Love The Person Who Loves you And 
  80. The Life Itself Will Be Lovable

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